The musicians
Christian Dawid clarinet (BERLIN)
Christian Dawid is an internationally renowned clarinetist in world music and beyond. Drawing from a multitude of influences including classical, jazz and other ethnic music styles, he is known for his work in Yiddish and other East-European idioms.
He has performed with a wide array of international bands and artists, and likes to produce and record his own projects - Konsonans Retro, for example.
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"World class clarinetist with a magical lyrical phrasing." JÜDISCHE ALLGEMEINE
Sanne Möricke accordion (BERLIN)
Sanne Möricke is a highly sought after accordionist, mostly, but not exclusively performing in Yiddish, Greco-Turk and balkan styles. She has played internationally with artists like Frank London, David Krakauer or Michael Alpert, is a member of Klezgoyim, and gets constantly involved in the next creative world music project. Lucky audiences can also hear her sing Greek songs, preferably Smyrneika.
"Sanne's accordion is nothing to sneeze at." KLEZMERSHACK.COM
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Guy Schalom percussion (LONDON)
"Guy Schalom is one of the most versatile and interesting percussionists
working in the UK today." fROOTS
Make that: the UK and far beyond. With strong roots in Arabic music, Guy Schalom is also Europe's leading klezmer drummer, an expert dancer in a few extraordinary styles, and a high-in-demand touring and recording musician, with too many references to list here. Amongst other things, he produces his own acclaimed 'Baladi Blues' record series and is a founding member of a number of leading world music ensembles.
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